Monday, December 5, 2011

Reasons to Participate in the Knightchat Tomorrow!

As you may have seen on many of the other bloggers posts, the Knightchat is tomorrow.  I thought, because it is the Month of Lists I thought I would give you a list of reasons to join in on the Knightchat:
  1. Get to talk to current students - current students participate in the knight chats and are very helpful because they actually know what it is like to be on campus, from a more personal experience.
  2. It is instant - get your questions answered as you think of them
  3. Come and go as you please - it is worth it to only do for 15 minutes, or for the whole time.  If you only have one question, but you are very busy, just stop in and ask, then you can go as you need.
  4. This is the last one of the semester - We are all going home after finals, and this is the last knightchat before 2012!
  5. We like to talk to people! - The more friends to talk to on knightchat, the more fun it will be for everyone involved!
So please please please check out the knightchat tomorrow, you won't be sorry
Here is the link

PS - Happy Birthday to the best mom ever!

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