Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Month of Lists!

Tomorrow means that it is December.  I have decided to make December the month of lists! All of my posts will be list based.  I am obsessed with lists, therefore I am really looking forward to my month of lists.  To start off, I am going to share the "Good Things About December" list with you.

1. Christmas!!!!! - What's not to love?
2. Mom's Birthday - Go Mom!! Same day as Walt Disney
3. Christmas Trees - I love 'em, they are pretty and they light up and again, what's not to love?
4. Winter Break - Relaxation time
5. Secret Santa - I love the secret fun of secret santa
6. Christmas Shopping - Shopping for people and finding the perfect gift is so fun
7. Finals (they'll be a good thing when they're over!)
8. New Years! - Such a fun holiday
9. Setting up the Christmas Village with my Grandma - this is a Christmas tradition, it really gets me in the spirit
10. Christmas Carols - Anytime I can pretend my life is a musical is a good time for me
11. SNOW SNOW SNOW (hopefully!)
12. getting to wear my new winter coat - a big purchase for me, can't wait to rock it in the cold

Get ready for a month of lists!  Also, check out my "Good Things about October" list here.

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