Friday, December 2, 2011

9 Ways to Know it is December/Christmas Time

Christmas season is upon us here at SMC!  Check out my list below on ways you know for sure that it is Christmas time

  1. There is a christmas tree outside your window
  2. You buy mittens
  3. You decorate your dorm door
  4. Your mom makes you an Advent Calendar
  5. Alliot gets festive
  6. Church Street gets lit up
  7. You listen to Christmas Carols and its accepted
  8. All people want is for snow to come
  9. You pick up your Smuggs Pass!
My mom's advent calender, it is more of a countdown for when I get home
and less of a countdown to Christmas, but it is still fun!

My neighbors' door, they were decorating and they want it to
be a surprise


Christmas Tree in the hallway

I am worried that you can't see the tree because of a glare,
 but I swear its there!

Our door with some nice decorations,
I know it needs some more work.

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