Things I have Learned at SMC

Have you ever heard of the "All I Ever Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum?  This page goes along with that concept, only it is "Everything I Ever Really Needed to Know I learned at SMC". College is all about learning, and here at SMC I have already learned so much.  This is a compiling of the many things I have learned here.  I know that this list will continue to grow with my four years here.

- You can make Alliot "on the way" to anything on campus.
- 10 minutes early = being on time
- Saying "Hi, my name is Sarah" is the best way to meet someone.
- The 4th floor is worth the trek up the stairs.
- Nicknames rock
- It is better to make friends with someone who has a TV than to actually bring a TV.
- Getting mail makes your day 10x better.
- The view is way more than just Whoopi and Barbara
- Everyone needs some Church sometimes
- Squirrels are crazy animals
- Everyone can use a little help sometimes
- Paper towels can be a luxury
- I am good at sleeping anywhere (A gift I got from my mom)
- Everything connects back to the printing press
- Keep track of your Knightcard, it's really valuable, not just monetarily
- Put your hook for your shower towel over the radiator in your room, you will be rewarded with warm towels in the winter mornings from the heat (side note: I wouldn't let the towel touch the radiator, we don't want a fire hazard)
- Live it up, because it goes really fast
- It sounds absurd but eating in Alliot alone is relaxing
- You always have to be open to new things.

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