Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Trees Around Campus

Here at Saint Mike's, even during finals season, we can still have fun and show off our spirit. It is December after all and that means...CHRISTMAS!  So, here is a compiling of pictures of various Christmas trees on campus. It is sort of a list...

Tree outside my window.  It is really nice being able to see these two huge trees from my room!

Tree in Alliot.  My friends and I always try to sit by the tree at meals.  

okay...not really a tree.  This is the fire that is on in Alliot right now. I am obsessed.  I sat by it studying for like 5 hours yesterday. 

Tree we set up in our hallway for a short amount of time.  

My personal favorite, this tree is next to the Knightstand. 

Well, now it is back to studying for me. Wish me luck on the rest of my finals, only two more to go!

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