Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Day Weekend!!

This weekend, the hardworking students of SMC had a three day weekend! YAY! I stayed here for the weekend because it was too short to really go home for me.  It was however, perfectly long enough to be super relaxing and really fun!

On Thursday night, I had softball practice.  We ran the timed mile, and although I was freaking out about it, I passed! I was very happy with myself and I spent Thursday night celebrating our conquering of the mile.  We danced and played some really fun games.

On Friday during the day, I caught up on my Glee.  I have been so busy since coming back to school, I haven't been able to watch any TV shows.  I spent Friday lounging in my bed and watching Glee on Hulu, it was AWESOME!  Friday night I spent with my friends Celia and Tara. They both stayed for the weekend as well.  We took goofy photo-booth pictures like this:

Saturday was spent sleeping and doing some homework.  Saturday night I went to Turtle Underground.  Turtle Underground is held in the basement of Purtil on North Campus.  Some/Most weekends, there is a musical performer there.  Last weekend, it was more folk-y music, and this weekend, there was a DJ.  I like going to Turtle Underground because it is like going to a really good free concert.

Everyone came back on Sunday, so my friends and I mainly just hung out and caught up.  I also finished my homework that I was putting off.

So that was my weekend.  The 3 days were much needed for us here and now its back to the grind.  Hope everyone has a great President's Day!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reflections: Part 2

Hey All!

So happy that it is Thursday and almost the relaxing weekend!  This is the second part to my reflections post.  It is re-going over my original pro/con list for Saint Mikes! Here is Part 1, and below is the original list:

Okay so here we go with the second part of the list...

  • Family connection of Tom - Tom is my uncle and he went to Saint Mike's too!  This was a very cool factor in my choice of SMC because I was really connected to the school.
  • Distance - I am from Connecticut, and I loved the drive to SMC.  I liked that it was just the perfect amount of space between me and my hometown.  
  • Snow - although we haven't actually gotten alot of snow this year, when I visited last year there was a TON of snow and I loved it!! I am a huge snow-lover.
  • Real Turkey on Thanksgiving - This is a reference to Thanksgiving Dinner which is held in Alliot each year.  Thanksgiving dinner is absolutely delish and so so fun! They set up table clothes and candles in Alliot and make really good food.
  • psych - SMC has a psych major and psychology is one of many (too many) subjects that I am interested in.
  • Liberal - I liked the liberal arts feel.  As I said above I have many many interests and the liberal arts curriculum caters to that perfectly.
  • Fresh Seminar - Another point relating to the curriculum, I liked the idea of a small freshman seminar where I could meet new people.  I took Living Digital and I found the class very engaging.
  • Uniforms - I am not positive about this one...We don't wear uniforms to class of course! This is probably a reference to the softball uniforms.
  • Laundry - Also not positive on this one, I really like doing laundry here though, the laundry rooms are very nice and big.
  • Clothes - Maybe I liked the style of the students on campus?  I know I really do now, I have seen some of the coolest sweaters on the SMC campus!
  • Safe - pretty self-explanatory, I feel safe on campus, and there are bluelights everywhere you look.
  • Drive - the drive to school is so gorgeous. All I can think of is "The hills are alive with the sound of musiccccccc"
  • Swipe keys - the Knightcard makes getting in and out of building really easy.  It is very convenient.
  • Backpacks - My mom and I were both very impressed that students left their backpacks outside of Alliot.  It is a rule, but it shows how trusting SMC students are.
  • Mascot - I was a Titan at my high school, and I knew that it would be very difficult to top that, but a Purple Knight comes pretty close.
  • Bus - I liked the shuttle to North Campus because it was nice and comfy.
  • People live on Campus - I liked that everyone lives here.  The community is really awesome.
  • SMC - Sarah Murray's College - get it?
  • Friendly stores - this is a reference to Vermont in general.  The people here are just straight up nice.
  • Closets - love my big blue closet! Fits everything!!
  • 12:1 - teacher to student ratio, which I really appreciated because I wanted a personalized experience
So that's it!   I hope you all enjoyed my reflections and my look at my first impressions of SMC.  

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How do you deal with quoteunquote noisy dorm buildings?

The noise doesn't really bother me. This fall, I had to go to bed early on the weekends alot and I just tuned the noise out. I know that some people use earplugs if they really need the quiet. If you need to, you can also ask the people to please quiet down.