Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Trees Around Campus

Here at Saint Mike's, even during finals season, we can still have fun and show off our spirit. It is December after all and that means...CHRISTMAS!  So, here is a compiling of pictures of various Christmas trees on campus. It is sort of a list...

Tree outside my window.  It is really nice being able to see these two huge trees from my room!

Tree in Alliot.  My friends and I always try to sit by the tree at meals.  

okay...not really a tree.  This is the fire that is on in Alliot right now. I am obsessed.  I sat by it studying for like 5 hours yesterday. 

Tree we set up in our hallway for a short amount of time.  

My personal favorite, this tree is next to the Knightstand. 

Well, now it is back to studying for me. Wish me luck on the rest of my finals, only two more to go!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Reasons to Participate in the Knightchat Tomorrow!

As you may have seen on many of the other bloggers posts, the Knightchat is tomorrow.  I thought, because it is the Month of Lists I thought I would give you a list of reasons to join in on the Knightchat:
  1. Get to talk to current students - current students participate in the knight chats and are very helpful because they actually know what it is like to be on campus, from a more personal experience.
  2. It is instant - get your questions answered as you think of them
  3. Come and go as you please - it is worth it to only do for 15 minutes, or for the whole time.  If you only have one question, but you are very busy, just stop in and ask, then you can go as you need.
  4. This is the last one of the semester - We are all going home after finals, and this is the last knightchat before 2012!
  5. We like to talk to people! - The more friends to talk to on knightchat, the more fun it will be for everyone involved!
So please please please check out the knightchat tomorrow, you won't be sorry
Here is the link

PS - Happy Birthday to the best mom ever!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Alliot Foods

For me, Saturday and Sunday mornings mean BRUNCH!  Brunch is delicious and amazing and every other awesome word you can think of.  Today, while eating my brunch, I started to think of my top 5 favorite Alliot foods. I just realized that you may not know what Alliot is...Alliot is the student center here on campus.  It also houses the "Green Mountain Dining room". That is where we can use our knightcard and get unlimited swipes to go and eat whenever we want.  Even though it's official name is the Green Mountain Dining room, everyone just calls it Alliot.  Everyone on campus has a special place in their heart for Alliot.  So anyway, here are my top 5 favorite foods that are served in Alliot:
  1. BBQ Salad - The first time they served this salad, I had it for lunch and dinner.  It is a base of lettuce, with chicken, croutons, and delicious BBQ dressing.
  2. Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas - yum.  I love sour cream, so this is a no-brainer.
  3. Cocoa Puffs - Always available, always awesome
  4. Spicy Caesar salad - the salad station is the best.  The spicy Caesar salad is basically a regular caesar salad, just with a more spicy caesar dressing.
  5. Omelets - a brunch favorite.  Omelets are a great treat you can only get at brunch on the weekends. 
Side Note: There will be a Knightchat on Tuesday, please stop by! Also be on the look out for my list of reasons to do the Knightchat!  This is the last Knightchat of the semester.  Check it out here

Friday, December 2, 2011

9 Ways to Know it is December/Christmas Time

Christmas season is upon us here at SMC!  Check out my list below on ways you know for sure that it is Christmas time

  1. There is a christmas tree outside your window
  2. You buy mittens
  3. You decorate your dorm door
  4. Your mom makes you an Advent Calendar
  5. Alliot gets festive
  6. Church Street gets lit up
  7. You listen to Christmas Carols and its accepted
  8. All people want is for snow to come
  9. You pick up your Smuggs Pass!
My mom's advent calender, it is more of a countdown for when I get home
and less of a countdown to Christmas, but it is still fun!

My neighbors' door, they were decorating and they want it to
be a surprise


Christmas Tree in the hallway

I am worried that you can't see the tree because of a glare,
 but I swear its there!

Our door with some nice decorations,
I know it needs some more work.