Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Bus

If you have driven on the highways in New England, you may have seen the huge Saint Michael's College bus cruising around.  It is a large coach bus with a huge SMC athletics decal on the side.  One of the times that I visited Saint Mike's while I was still looking, I was driving up 95 in CT and I saw the bus going in the other direction.  It is really cool to see it driving down the road, even before I decided to come here.

Lately, I haven't been just seeing it from afar, I have been practically living on the bus. This year we have been on the bus for about 44 hours in total.  We have made trips to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Long Island.  Lucky for us and all the other athletic teams at SMC, the bus is really nice.  It has pretty much everything we need.  Some of the perks of the bus include but are not limited to: TVs with DVD players, nice reclining seats, book lights, wifi, and a bathroom.  Needless to say, the bus is super classy and we are lucky to have it.

Since we have had so much time on the bus, we have taken a lot of pictures (of course) so here are some of the ways that the SMC Softball team uses the bus:

Greer doing her homework.

Everyone on the bus and ready to go!

Beth doing homework and using the wifi.
Greer being a sleepy-head.  

Lindsay is super excited to get going.  She also loves coffee. 

On our trip to Long Island, we got a great view of the NYC sky-line.  You can sort of see it in this picture.

Everyone showing off their prizes from the surprise ball my mom gave us.

Reflection of the bus in a window in Garden City, Long Island.

The best thing about this post? I wrote it on the bus. We are on our way to Saint Anselm's for our last away games.  Wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

Happy Easter everyone!

This weekend, the students and SMC were treated to a well deserved four day weekend.  The mini-vacation was in honor of Easter.  While most students went home to visit their families, my family came to me!

We started off the weekend on a high note!  My parents/brother came to watch the softball team sweep AIC on Friday.  Baseball also swept their games and word on the curb is that is the first time both teams have won both games on the same day in SMC history. YAY!!!

We spent Saturday driving around and just relaxing.  I also took my brother and my mom out on the Nature Trail behind the 300's Townhouses.

Then for Easter, we attended mass at Chapel of Saint Michael the Archangel, which is the chapel here on campus.  After a great service, we went back to where my family was staying and it turned out that the Easter Bunny had come!! While my brother and I went alittle overboard on the candy, we also made a Murray Family Classic: Monkey Bread.  Monkey Bread is this delicious contraption featuring crescent rolls, butter, cinnamon, sugar, and an oven.  Let's just say I was in a bit of a sugar coma when Easter was all said and done.

That's what happened this weekend.  Now, I am going to start my essay for Philosophy so wish me luck!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long Time No See

Wow! It has been quite a while since I last wrote on here and I can’t wait to update everyone on what I’ve been doing. 

Softball season started with a bang!   We practiced every weekday and got our butts handed to us by our new conditioning coach, Courtney.  It was a whirlwind and they all of a sudden we were in Florida.  Let’s just say, Florida is great. The weather was awesome, the food was great, and we had a ton of softball and a ton of fun.  We did well for our first time outside on the diamond.  We really held our own.

My row on the airplane, thats Amanda and Grace
We got alittle goofy waiting for Coach to pick up the vans.  Naturally we set the camera on self timer and took some pictures!
While in Florida, I was introduced to so many softball traditions like secret buddies, fancy dinner night, orphan day and theme park day.  I loved learning more about the team.  When we all get together, we are almost always laughing and always having fun.

Orphan Day! These are all the girls whose parents can't make it down to Florida.  Coach spoils us and we go to go to Olive Garden!
Us at Busch Gardens.  Yes thats me in the front with Steph.  Photo cred: Lindsay!
The whole team on fancy dinner night!  Don't we all look really different not in our uniforms?

Then, we were back from Florida and back to school.  The weather last week was unreal!  It was gorgeous.  There were a ton of tours going by and all I kept saying was, “if anyone visits on a day like today and doesn’t come to Saint Mike’s they are crazy!”.  Everyone was outside soaking up the rays or playing a game.  We even had Fox 44 news come to our practice to talk about getting outside so early because the weather!

Recently we have been playing alot and just trying to keep up.  I have been very busy but also having fun.  It is important to find a balance.  Right now we are on the bus on the way back from Connecticut and everyone is trying to keep in the balance.  We have some girls doing homework, some taking quick naps, and some are relaxing.  I am going to try and do some homework for the rest of the ride back up!  Enjoy the rest of your night!