Sunday, October 28, 2012


Midterms were upon us last week, and I was totally swamped. Now, luckily I can relax a bit, almost like the calm after the storm.  Speaking of storms, good luck and be safe to everyone who will be affected by Sandy! We are only expecting some wind and rain up here in Vermont, but I think southern New England might get hit pretty hard, so stay safe! Also, check out this wind map, it is awesome in such a nerdy way!

Look for my next blog post about my four-year sticky note plan.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Live Webcam Awesomeness!

Hey Everyone!

I just got back from a wonderful 4 day weekend at home in Connecticut.

While home I was lucky enough to attend my brother CJ's Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  He worked tirelessly to achieve this prestigious rank and I am very proud of him.  And as of October 14th, I was no longer the only person in our family who has their own "day" in town.  So everyone mark your calendars because October 14th 2012 was Christopher Francis Murray Junior Day!

In other news: Have you seen this tweet? You can click on it to view it larger...

And did you see the response from Saint Michael's? It's below...

Well, Saint Michael's came through a couple of days ago.... Click to check out the webcam!!! It is so cool, even when I am here I click over to it. 

Keep a lookout for the girl on the light blue bike, it might be me riding (or speeding depending on the time) my bike.

That's my story for now, hopefully you find the webcam interesting and you waste as much time as I have watching it.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Cooking in the Townhouses

Hey Everyone!

One of many great things about Saint Michael's College is that nearly everyone lives on campus.  When I was looking at schools, I was really turned-off by "suit-case schools".  A "suit-case school" is a school where all of the students leave to go home on the weekends.  If there was ever an opposite of this - it is Saint Mike's.

A reason for this are the townhouses (housing for upperclassmen, especially seniors).  There have been a bunch of posts through SMC Blogs about the townhouses, but I just really wanted to brag about a meal I made for my upperclassmen friends so I felt the need to chime-in.

Although I do not live in a townhouse, I have friends who do, and I totally used them the other night to create a delicious masterpiece that I am extremely proud of. Naturally, I got the recipe off of Pinterest.  Do not laugh but it is pasta stuffed bread.  MMM Carbs and some more crabs stuffed with carbs - every athlete's dream come true.

I needed a kitchen for this endever, that is where the townhouse came in handy.  Seniors living in townhouses usually do not have a full meal plan, meaning they need to learn to cook and provide for themselves, this also means they get little kitchens to experiment in.

Below is a picture of the meal I made for my friends and I.  It is literally bread stuffed with pasta.  Yes, the cat plate made it taste that much better.

The bread after it was baked and before we ate it!

Yummy yummy on a cat plate. 

Okay guys, thanks for letting me show off my cooking prowess!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

NE-10 Blog

Hi everyone! Happy October!  

This month I am looking forward to the fall colors, going home for break and apples!

The reason this is not a video post is because I am in the library.  The softball team finished our fall season yesterday and we have one week off before we start conditioning with our conditioning coach.  I am trying to use my week off from softball to get all caught up with work and maybe even get ahead, for me, this means being very quiet and focused in the library.

I have some exciting news to share with you today as well.  In the beginning of the semester I was chosen to be a NE-10 student-athlete blogger.  The NE-10 is our sports conference that Saint Mike's competes in.  It includes The website for the NE-10 is here.  I am very happy to be a part of the second year of the blogs and my first post will be up soon at this page.  Especially if you are an athlete - you should check it out.  There is a representative from each  NE-10 member school.  I am very proud to be representing Saint Michael's for this year.  

Speaking of softball, our last fall-ball games were yesterday.  Our last game was a soggy event against Norwich University.  The rain and mud did not put a hamper on our excitement for our last games of the fall,  We are now pumped to get in the gym and prepare for the spring season and especially FLORIDA! (I am looking way ahead with this as the trip is not until spring break).  

That is all for now.  I will try harder to update this on a more regular basis so keep in touch!

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Until next time!