Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

This is my first Halloween here at SMC, and I should have known it was going to be awesome!!  Here is how my weekend went:

Friday Night
  Allie, Michaela and I started our Friday by spending some time in Burlington.  When I was first looking at Saint Michael's, I didn't realize how easy it would be to catch a bus and head right to Church Street.  I thought it would always be this big ordeal, but really it's rather simple.  In Burlington we shopped around and got some supplies for our costumes.  We didn't know what we wanted to be really, we had some ideas, but it was still in the air.  Then, when browsing around Old Gold (a really cool shop around the corner from Church Street), we came across the perfect dresses to be Powerpuff Girls!! So we completed our costumes and headed back to Saint Mike's.
The Powerpuff Girls, I was Bubbles, the one to the far left.  Allie was Blossom the one in the middle, and Micheala was Buttercup

 There were thoughts of us going to UVM to see one of Allie's friends on Friday, but then we decided to stay here at SMC and show off our cool costumes.  We hung out mainly in Joyce on Friday and it was a blast! Little did I know there was even more fun to be had on Saturday at the dance!

  The day of the dance! I mainly lounged around on Saturday during the day, then when 7 rolled around I started getting ready.  Something I learned about Halloween on Saturday:  Three-quarters of the fun on Halloween is getting ready.  J4 was all a-buzz of girls getting ready, doing hair, make-up, and trying to figure out which way to wear their costumes best.  After getting ready, we took pictures (of course) and headed to the dance.

  I was a roller derby girl on Saterday. This involved a black eye, a flashy skirt, ripped tights, a helmet, and of course roller blades!  My friend Allie was a dinosaur, her hat was so cute and she had awesome sparkly green leggings. My other friend Michaela was a Austin Powers Girl.  She wore a super sparkly dress and cool heels.

  The dance was so fun, we danced with my floor, and I even got to roll around a couple of times around the dance floor.

  Sunday was a lounge day.  I mainly just hung out in my pj's and did homework. I also spent some valuable time in the library on Sunday.

Today!! Its Halloween!
   It is a perfect fall day.  I am going to try to finish my homework so later we can play cards.  Today I got a package from my mom with night-vision goggles!  Maybe those will come in handy tonight for some tricks...  Speaking of my mom/my hometown, this weekend they got a ton of snow! I go to college in Vermont, and they get snow while its snow-less here!  I decided I am okay with this though because the snow is causing mass-mayhem in Wallingford.  Plus I know I will be getting plenty of snow this winter.

Have a happy halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Grill

One of the best things that happens on campus is the grill on the weekends.  I love the grill. I seriously love the grill.  My friends jokingly make fun of me for my love of the grill.

Let me explain what the grill is, it is put on by Residence Life and it is basically a grill that they set up in the middle of the Quad and they grill food and give it out to us.  It is awesome.  I did hear about this when first learning about Saint Mike's, but I did not imagine it correctly.  The grill starts at 11, and almost everyone goes.  They serve a different food every night.  My personal favorite is Chicken Patty night, but it's all good.

Here are some pictures of my friends, Michaela and Allie and I at the grill this weekend.

Some more thoughts on the grill...

"Second chicken patty, I think yes, because usually I eat 2...with honey mustard sauce" - Celia J4

"I never eat anything at the grill, I go because it makes me happy" - Misha J4

"Chicken Patties are the bomb" - Gabby J4

"They do it because they love us" - Michaela J4

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Weekend in the 203

     This weekend like many of my fellow SMC students, I went home for Fall Break.  My break started after my Statistics class on Friday.  My class ends at 1:10 and my Dad met me in Alliot right after class.  I was carpooling with another girl from my softball team and a nearby town and she didn’t get out of class until around 3, so I conned my Dad into lunch at Sweetwaters.  My Dad and I headed into Burlington and had a delicious lunch.  We both got burgers.  He got the “Green With Envy” burger and I got the “Bed Rock” burger.  Then we headed back to campus to pick up Carleen.  After getting Carleen at the suites we headed south towards Connecticut.  

     Friday night I got home pretty late so I just hung out and caught up with my parents.  It was good to see my parents after so long being at school.

     Saturday I slept in which was a great change after waking up for class in the week and softball on the weekends.  I went to Kiwispoon with my best friend from home Dani.  Kiwispoon is a frozen yogurt place that moved in during the summer and I am somewhat obsessed with it.  I had pumpkin flavored, YUM! Next, I headed over to my neighbor Landon’s baseball game.  He is 6 and it is so cute to watch him play.  After the game, I went home and we had dinner with the neighborhood.  My neighborhood is really close and it was awesome to see everyone.  

     Sunday, I went to church with my family.  Then, we went to Brueggar's Bagels for breakfast.  After going home and organizing my room for a bit, my mom and I went to a vineyard in my town.  The vineyard is called Paradise Hills and it is right in Wallingford.  We had to drive down this gravel road and then BAM, its easy to forget that we were in my town.  We met my Aunt, Cousin, Grandma, and some of our family friends.  We had so much fun talking and laughing while enjoying some yummy treats.  On Sunday night, we had dinner as a family.  It was really great to get my family together to eat.

     I spent Monday studying and packing my clothes back up.  I also added some more clothes to bring back to school.  Monday afternoon I went back to my high school to visit some of my old teachers and catch a volleyball game. It was really weird but fun being back at Sheehan. It was nice to see my old teachers and catch up.  

     That brings us to Tuesday.  Tuesday I spent packing up, procrastinating studying, and watching my dad and his friend lay tile in our basement.  Now, I am back on my way to SMC!  

I loved being home, but I am so happy to be back at SMC! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Things About October

In my high school, the month of November is kinda a big deal, especially when you are a senior.  Last year, I was so excited for November (and also pretty busy/stressed) and I decided to make a "Good Things About November" list in my homework planner so I could look at it and feel excited instead of freaking out and stressing.  Then, I decided I really liked doing that, and I made one for December, then I just didn't stop.  I made one for every month since then.  The lists are housed in my planner, on the month view page where I can see them almost every day.

You may be thinking, "wow, this is super lame, I cannot believe this girl does this".  But, I would say to that, "you should try it!".  It helps when you get super stressed because you can just glance and BOOM, you feel great about this month.  It also helps me to not get so ahead of myself.

I thought I would share my "Good Things About October" list with you so here they are:

- Softball - fall ball is so great because it is not super high stress, and the weather is usually gorgeous.
- Going home - I adore being here at SMC, but I also can't wait to go home for fall break on the 14th to see my family and home friends.
- Catherine's Birthday - Birthday's usually always make the list, my cousin Catherine's birthday is in October, she is turning 18.
- Halloween - need I say more? Even though it is 31 days away, I am looking forward to Halloween for sure! Who doesn't love a holiday based off of candy??
- Hoodies - I love me some hoodies.  The fall is great because it is hoodie season for me.
- New Facebook - I am in love with the timeline, you can check out a post by Gabbi about it here, hopefully everyone's Facebook will be switched over sometime soon!
- Colder Weather - I am a huge fan of the seasons, but I especially love fall and the chilly but not too freezing weather.
- anything with apples - Eating is great and fall eating is the best.  Anything made with apples is one of the best things about fall and October.
- Changing Leaves - Fall is beautiful - fall in New England (especially Vermont) is magical!
- Leaf Piles - going along with changing leaves, my inner 5 year old loves playing in leaf piles.

I am sure I will add more to the list through-out the month.  This is all I have so far and October is already shaping up to be a great month!  

I hope that you try to make your own "Good Things About October" list, if you do, add them to the comments below!! I would love to see what other people love about October!