Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long Time No See

Wow! It has been quite a while since I last wrote on here and I can’t wait to update everyone on what I’ve been doing. 

Softball season started with a bang!   We practiced every weekday and got our butts handed to us by our new conditioning coach, Courtney.  It was a whirlwind and they all of a sudden we were in Florida.  Let’s just say, Florida is great. The weather was awesome, the food was great, and we had a ton of softball and a ton of fun.  We did well for our first time outside on the diamond.  We really held our own.

My row on the airplane, thats Amanda and Grace
We got alittle goofy waiting for Coach to pick up the vans.  Naturally we set the camera on self timer and took some pictures!
While in Florida, I was introduced to so many softball traditions like secret buddies, fancy dinner night, orphan day and theme park day.  I loved learning more about the team.  When we all get together, we are almost always laughing and always having fun.

Orphan Day! These are all the girls whose parents can't make it down to Florida.  Coach spoils us and we go to go to Olive Garden!
Us at Busch Gardens.  Yes thats me in the front with Steph.  Photo cred: Lindsay!
The whole team on fancy dinner night!  Don't we all look really different not in our uniforms?

Then, we were back from Florida and back to school.  The weather last week was unreal!  It was gorgeous.  There were a ton of tours going by and all I kept saying was, “if anyone visits on a day like today and doesn’t come to Saint Mike’s they are crazy!”.  Everyone was outside soaking up the rays or playing a game.  We even had Fox 44 news come to our practice to talk about getting outside so early because the weather!

Recently we have been playing alot and just trying to keep up.  I have been very busy but also having fun.  It is important to find a balance.  Right now we are on the bus on the way back from Connecticut and everyone is trying to keep in the balance.  We have some girls doing homework, some taking quick naps, and some are relaxing.  I am going to try and do some homework for the rest of the ride back up!  Enjoy the rest of your night!

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