Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Day Weekend!!

This weekend, the hardworking students of SMC had a three day weekend! YAY! I stayed here for the weekend because it was too short to really go home for me.  It was however, perfectly long enough to be super relaxing and really fun!

On Thursday night, I had softball practice.  We ran the timed mile, and although I was freaking out about it, I passed! I was very happy with myself and I spent Thursday night celebrating our conquering of the mile.  We danced and played some really fun games.

On Friday during the day, I caught up on my Glee.  I have been so busy since coming back to school, I haven't been able to watch any TV shows.  I spent Friday lounging in my bed and watching Glee on Hulu, it was AWESOME!  Friday night I spent with my friends Celia and Tara. They both stayed for the weekend as well.  We took goofy photo-booth pictures like this:

Saturday was spent sleeping and doing some homework.  Saturday night I went to Turtle Underground.  Turtle Underground is held in the basement of Purtil on North Campus.  Some/Most weekends, there is a musical performer there.  Last weekend, it was more folk-y music, and this weekend, there was a DJ.  I like going to Turtle Underground because it is like going to a really good free concert.

Everyone came back on Sunday, so my friends and I mainly just hung out and caught up.  I also finished my homework that I was putting off.

So that was my weekend.  The 3 days were much needed for us here and now its back to the grind.  Hope everyone has a great President's Day!

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