Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Things About October

In my high school, the month of November is kinda a big deal, especially when you are a senior.  Last year, I was so excited for November (and also pretty busy/stressed) and I decided to make a "Good Things About November" list in my homework planner so I could look at it and feel excited instead of freaking out and stressing.  Then, I decided I really liked doing that, and I made one for December, then I just didn't stop.  I made one for every month since then.  The lists are housed in my planner, on the month view page where I can see them almost every day.

You may be thinking, "wow, this is super lame, I cannot believe this girl does this".  But, I would say to that, "you should try it!".  It helps when you get super stressed because you can just glance and BOOM, you feel great about this month.  It also helps me to not get so ahead of myself.

I thought I would share my "Good Things About October" list with you so here they are:

- Softball - fall ball is so great because it is not super high stress, and the weather is usually gorgeous.
- Going home - I adore being here at SMC, but I also can't wait to go home for fall break on the 14th to see my family and home friends.
- Catherine's Birthday - Birthday's usually always make the list, my cousin Catherine's birthday is in October, she is turning 18.
- Halloween - need I say more? Even though it is 31 days away, I am looking forward to Halloween for sure! Who doesn't love a holiday based off of candy??
- Hoodies - I love me some hoodies.  The fall is great because it is hoodie season for me.
- New Facebook - I am in love with the timeline, you can check out a post by Gabbi about it here, hopefully everyone's Facebook will be switched over sometime soon!
- Colder Weather - I am a huge fan of the seasons, but I especially love fall and the chilly but not too freezing weather.
- anything with apples - Eating is great and fall eating is the best.  Anything made with apples is one of the best things about fall and October.
- Changing Leaves - Fall is beautiful - fall in New England (especially Vermont) is magical!
- Leaf Piles - going along with changing leaves, my inner 5 year old loves playing in leaf piles.

I am sure I will add more to the list through-out the month.  This is all I have so far and October is already shaping up to be a great month!  

I hope that you try to make your own "Good Things About October" list, if you do, add them to the comments below!! I would love to see what other people love about October!


  1. Taste of Wallingford is in October!!

  2. YES!!!!!
    favorite thing about october: sweaters. i'm the sweater queen.

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  4. Favorite thing about October. It's the month that comes before November and you know what that means...Black Fridayyyyyyy! Hehe. Other favorite things: apple cider, Oktoberfest, football games, my best friend's birthday, sweatshirts, screen doors, pumpkins, apple crisp, mums, Lyman Orchard visits, apple cider donuts, fairs, scarecrows, drives to Goshen...can you tell I love October? xo Amy

  5. Or can you tell I'm a sucker for a good list? Haha.

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