Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Grill

One of the best things that happens on campus is the grill on the weekends.  I love the grill. I seriously love the grill.  My friends jokingly make fun of me for my love of the grill.

Let me explain what the grill is, it is put on by Residence Life and it is basically a grill that they set up in the middle of the Quad and they grill food and give it out to us.  It is awesome.  I did hear about this when first learning about Saint Mike's, but I did not imagine it correctly.  The grill starts at 11, and almost everyone goes.  They serve a different food every night.  My personal favorite is Chicken Patty night, but it's all good.

Here are some pictures of my friends, Michaela and Allie and I at the grill this weekend.

Some more thoughts on the grill...

"Second chicken patty, I think yes, because usually I eat 2...with honey mustard sauce" - Celia J4

"I never eat anything at the grill, I go because it makes me happy" - Misha J4

"Chicken Patties are the bomb" - Gabby J4

"They do it because they love us" - Michaela J4

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  1. DUDE they totally need to have veggie burgers =)then it would rock more!