Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why I Choose SMC

"Why did you chose to go to Saint Michael's?"

This is a question that I keep getting as I get closer and closer to actually arriving on the Saint Mike's campus.  The truth is, I don't really have any one specific answer.  The road to my decision to go to Saint Mike's was long and I probably made it harder on myself than it needed to be.  Now that I have finally decided, I am so happy!!

The first reason I even thought to go to Saint Michael's was because my Uncle Tom went there. Neither of my parents went to college, so the only college I really ever heard about was Saint Michael's.  So, I put it on my list and started researching.

Every time I pruned my list, St. Mike's just stuck.  I didn't love it yet, but there was nothing wrong with it either.  Then, I stayed for an overnight through the softball program.  After this, I was hooked.  I loved everything about the school, the beautiful location, the small classes, and the people.

One last pro/con list and I was done.  I decided to go to Saint Michael's.

Below is my pro/con list that my mom and I wrote while I was at a softball tournament in Mass.  We wrote it on the hotels stationary and that makes me love it even more.  Some of the points are inside jokes with my mom, but some are very valid.

So that is why I chose SMC, and I am so happy that I did.  I cannot wait to get started!! :)

P.S. I only had two cons when I wrote this list, and looking back now, they were really silly.

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