Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Reading

This summer, the incoming freshman at Saint Mike's were assigned a summer reading.  We were assigned the task of reading the book Eating Animals.  Of course, the first thing I did after I found out the title, I googled it.  I found this website, the official website of the book, and after reading the website, I was dreading reading the book.

I love to eat.  I eat anything.  Put some sort of edible substance in front of me and I will eat it.  This is a good and a bad attribute.  It is good because I love healthy foods, but it is bad because I was willing to eat really bad foods also.  I was terrified to find out all of those little facts about food that I have been denying for years.

The truth is, I am so happy that Eating Animals was our assigned book.  My best friend, Dani, was assigned a book to read this summer as well.  After reading the back of her book, I wanted to call whoever it is at Saint Michael's who choose what we read in the summer and thank him or her. Dani's book was very dry, I wouldn't want to read it, she didn't want to read it.  So thank you, whoever you are, for choosing Eating Animals!

Once I started reading Eating Animals, I was hooked.  Now I am somewhat obsessed with food.  I find it fascinating.  What people chose to eat, what people are forced to eat, everything about food I find captivating.  Right now, I am watching an Oprah episode, this is a link to the episode webpage.  I would have never watched this before reading Eating Animals.

Eating Animals has changed the way I look at my food.  I still eat meat, but I stay away from chicken.  I eat more salad and vegetables.  When I do eat meat, I feel alittle pang of guilt, but I am not willing to give it up right now.

The best part of Eating Animals being our summer book, is that it will fuel discussions.  This book is not a book you can just read and not have any feeling towards.  Everyone has an opinion on this subject, especially after reading and researching it.

So thank you Mr. (or Mrs.) Book Chooser, I really enjoyed reading Eating Animals, good choice.

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