Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletic Extras

Being a Saint Micael’s College athlete means more than just practicing and games.  We also are lucky enough to also have opportunities to participate in many comunity service activities as well as seeing a life skills speaker each year. 

A couple of weeks ago, my team and I participated in the Breast Cancer walk in South Burlington. The walk is called Taking Strides Against Breast Cancer and it was a great day.  The walk is five miles, and it was five miles well spent.  The softball team was joined by the men’s and women’s lacrosse team, the women’s hockey team, the women’s basketball team, and the field hockey team for this special event.  Below are two pictures, the first is a team picture with our sign, and the next is a picture of me, Stephanie Frank, Lindsay Houston, and Bethany Falls dancing with Mike the Knight. 

Another opportunity we are lucky to take advantage of as Athletes here is our annual Life Skills Event.  Every year, it is a night for all of the studen-athletes to get together and learn something.  This year, we were privileged to see a presentation by Hudson Taylor.  Asking Hudson Taylor to speak was an idea of our Athletic Department inspired by the Purple Knight’s It Gets Better Video.

The presentation was inspiring and reminded me and my teammates that what we say matters.  Hudson Taylor is the founder of the Athlete Ally non-profit organization and he spoke to us about reaching out to our fellow athletes, especially LGBT athletes. You can check out Hudson Taylor on Twitter as well, @hudsonism.  He did a great job speaking to us.

Being an athlete in college can be busy and stressful, but I am lucky to have a team to do it with.  I am also lucky that my athletic department is active in our community and wants the best for each of us. 

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