Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dorm Tour!!

On one of my first days here at SMC on Joyce fourth floor, we were all sitting around getting to know one another when we decided to do room tours.  Everyone sets up their room a little differently.  I find dorm rooms to be the most interesting examples of people's personalities.  Here are some pictures of my dorm room.  I love my room, even though right now it is pretty toasty.  So, welcome to Joyce 402!

A panoramic of my room (Go Iphones!!) I think if you click on this you can see a larger version
This is my bed and my gorgeous quilt.  I am still working on wall decorations. 

My desk.  Note the fans, the fourth floor gets real warm.

My roommate's desk and our fridge and microwave.

Our shelves.  I love these shelves.  

My closet. I love the huge above cabinet because it fits everything.

Our room from above.  Check out our cool rug.

Our beds.  We went with the line method, trying to add space in the room.  We also half-lofted our beds.

Our map.  This is a map of Burlington and surrounding areas.  We also have the places we want to go this year all around the actual map.

View out our window.  I believe we have the best view of everything happening out in the quad and on the library lawn.

Well, I am off to some more studying and some dinner later.  Have a good week!

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